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The virtual lounge of Susan402's dolls
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A get-together space for my ball-jointed dolls
Right now this comm is an experiment and a place for me to play. Membership in this community is restricted to my own dolls and membership requests from other dolls and/or persons will be denied. Feel free to watch it if you'd like, and to friend my dolls' personal journals, though I don't know that they will be posting much.

The dolls are using the space as a sort of Twitter-like chatroom area, so it's more of a conversation than a series of threads on various subjects, and best read in order from bottom to top. The easier way to read is to go to the archive, choose the day on which to start, and then you'll be reading top to bottom with the option to read the next entries at the bottom of the page.

PSA: The conversation-like atmosphere creates a lot of friends-page entries. If you choose to click Watch, it is recommended that you create a friends page filter to remove this community from the version of your fpage you usually read. See Filtering Your Friends Page